Add a File Upload Step to a Script

Add and Configure A File Upload Step

Your Script or workflow may require the completer to provide information that is not, or cannot be requested on the form they are completing. The File Upload step is available for you to use in these instances.

  • In your Script account, navigate to the Scripts module and select the Script you need to add a File Upload step into.
  • Make sure your Script is unlocked, and ready for editing. To edit, the lock icon must be 'unlocked.' Additionally, you'll see smaller "+" options between your Script's steps in the edit mode.
  • If your Script is locked, click the lock icon


Add a File Upload Step

  • Click the "+" where you would like the File Upload step to be added to your script and the Step Picker will appear.
  • In the step picker click File Upload from the available steps. The Step picker will close and then step will be added to your Script.
  • To configure your File Upload step click anywhere on the File Upload step.


Configure Basic Step Details

  • In the Step Name field enter a short descriptive name that uniquely identifies this step such as "Receipt Upload" if you want to collect receipts. 
  • Set who should complete this step from the "Who Should Complete this Step" dropdown menu.
  • Optionally, enter step instructions into the instructions field. These instructions will be presented to the person completing this step


Configure the File Upload Details

The File Upload step can be configured to make sure you get exactly the quantity and types of files your process requires.

  • If this step requires that at least one file be uploaded in order to continue, check the box next to "Require one or more files to be uploaded" and enter the minimum number of files in the Minimum Allowed box, if you want your File Upload Step to be optional, leave this unchecked.
  • If your process dictates you should only allow a limited number of files, check the box next to "Limit the total number of files that can be uploaded" and enter the maximum number of files in the Maximum Allowed box
  • If you want to make sure that the files users upload are in a specific format such as an image or an excel file then check the box next to Limit Uploaded Filed Types. Enter the file extension for the file types you would like to limit uploads to. File Extensions are the letters after the final . in file name. (.pdf, .doc, .txt, .csv, .xls, etc.). You can enter as many allowed extensions as you would like. 
  • Click Done to close the step configuration. Your changes will be saved automatically. 


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