Completing an Approval Step

This article will go over how to view and complete an Approval Step in a Script workflow.

Where to Begin:

You have been added as an "Approver" to a step in one of your school's Script workflows. This means you have the ability to approve or deny that form and allow it to move forward in the process or stop it from progressing any further.

You will be notified that a step is awaiting your attention in two ways:

Email: You will receive an email alert with a link that will take you directly to the approval. You can use that link as many times as you need until you either approve or deny that step.


To-Do List: If you have a verified Script user account, you can log in at and view your to-do list. This will show you any steps that are currently awaiting your attention. Clicking on a step here will take you directly to the approval step.


Approving and Denying Steps:

When you click on the link in the email or click on an item from your to-do list, you will be taken to the approval screen. You can review the information presented and, when you are ready, click either "Approve" or "Deny" in the top right corner.


There are three main sections located on the left side of this page. There may be multiples of these depending on how far along the process is and how many people need to approve it.

Approval Info:

In this section, you can see if any other approvals have been a part of this Script and their status. You can also add any comments you would like to include with your approval. If you click "Deny," you will be asked to enter a reason why it was denied.


Submission Info:

In this section, you can see who initiated this Script workflow, the school they are from, and when this particular submission was created.


"Form Info":

In this section (titled the name of the specific form you are approving), you can review the entirety of the form associated with the approval you are being requested to provide. If you need more information from or for a correction to be made by the initiator of the form, you can request that by selecting the "Request Changes" box in the top right corner, and detailing what information is needed.


Once you have approved, denied, or requested changes be made, you have completed the Approval Step and the form will move on to the next step in the process.


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