Creating a School Year in Settings

Creating a new school year in Script allows you to record, review and report on student data for specific school years. It also simplifies the process of uploading the student roster for each new school year. Data from a previous school year will remain available, as well.

Where to Begin:

After you’ve logged into Script, select the “Settings” button on the left-hand menu.


Next, select "School Year" from the list.


From this new menu - select the blue “+” to create a new school year.


Enter the desired name of the School Year you’re creating.

Next, enter the Year Code. NOTE: The year code should be a shortened version of the school year’s name, and ideally something that will allow for similar versions to be used in the future. For example “2018_2019" can be used for future years in a similar format - “2019_2020,” “2020_2021”

This Year Code should also be included in the student roster data - that way all new school year rosters will be added to the appropriate, corresponding school year.

Finally, enter the school year’s begin and end date. It is important to remember that school years entered into Script cannot have overlapping dates.


Using the pencil icon, you can edit or change any of the details. This is where you can manually create grade levels, as well.


Similar to creating the school year - you’ll want to create a grade description as well as a grade code. Once you’re done, select “Save”


Video Tutorial:


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