Creating an Activity

This article will explain how to create an Activity, attach a permission slip. 

Where to Begin:

Log into Script and select "Activities" from the menu on the left. The icon looks like a ticket stub.


Creating a Permission Slip:

Before building an Activity, you'll need to first upload or create your school's default permission slip to Script. Click "Create Permission Slip" in the sub-menu on the left to get started.


To view your current Permission Slips, select "My Permission Slips" instead.

Next, enter a title, an internal description for use, and the content of the Permission Slip.


The blue bubbles or "Merge Tags" help personalize your permission slip for the specific student, parent, and activity it is being used for. This will appear to each parent with their unique information that you choose to include, such as their name, their student's name, or activity destination.

Creating an Activity:

Now that you have at least one permission slip created, you can create an Activity. Select "My Activities" from the list and click the "Create Activity" button. 


Enter all of the details of this activity in the fields: the name, location, description, educational purpose, and dates.


Choose the appropriate permission slip from the "Permission Slip" dropdown menu and request any transportation needed.


Payment Information:

Script provides a cost calculator that includes credit card fees, which are typically overlooked during this process. By entering the amount of the fee, ticket price, etc., into the "School will Collect" box, the amount due by parents is calculated in the "Parents will Pay" box. The amount in the "Parents will Pay" box includes credit card fees, and rounds up to the nearest 50 cents. This shows the parents a clean, round number when paying. Additional money collected from this rounding goes directly back to your school.

You can choose to disable this rounding to only collect the exact amount needed to cover your costs and the credit card fees. Additionally, you can enter a cost in the "Parents will Pay" box and it will calculate the amount the school will collect. This is useful when you have a set amount you know you need to charge the parent, regardless of the exact amount the school needs to collect.



If your Activity will include a purchase of any kind, such as a T-Shirt, a meal or snack option, etc., create an Add-On. If not, skip over this section. Name the Add-On (T-Shirt, lunch, etc.) and enter its cost in the "School Collects" field. If your trip will include additional Add-On options, simply select "Add an Option" and complete the previous steps.


Add Student Roster:

Invite entire classes, groups, or specific students to your Activity in this field. You will not be able to submit your trip for review until all required fields are completed so be sure to fill everything out.


Last, add any additional notes you'd like the Approver to see and save.

When you're ready, click "Submit Activity" to submit the Activity for approval. Once an Activity is approved by an Administrator, each linked parent or guardian will be notified of the new Activity.


Managing the Activity:

Click on the Activity you want to manage and it will display a dashboard summary of the status of each student. You can see here if their parents have signed the permission slip and paid. Clicking on the three dots to the right of a student's information brings up options to accept manual payment (via cash or check), upload a physical copy of the signed permission slip, view details about that student's status, and block that student from the Activity.


Selecting "Overview" from the list on the left will display the main information about the Activity that you entered when you created it.


Selecting "Add-On" from the list will display information specifically about any add-ons you created, including how many students have purchased them.


When you are getting ready for the Activity, select "Download Report" from the list on the left.


This will allow you to save or print a pdf of the roster of attendees, including add-on options chosen. You can use this as your check-in list for the day of the Activity.


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