Creating Student Profiles and Linking Parents

In this article, we'll show you how to manually add students and their parents into Script.

Where to Begin:

Log into Script and select "Students" from the menu on the left. 


This view displays all of the student profiles that have been created in or uploaded into Script. You can view and sort these students by first name, last name, student ID, or status. Select "Create Student" to get started.


Enter the following information: First name, last name, student ID number, grade level, gender, and date of birth. Then click "Save."


Next, to link parent/guardian emails, select "Parents" from the list on the left. You can get back to this page by going to the "Students" page from the main menu and selecting a specific student profile.


Add the parent's email address and click "Add Parent."


Next, click the three dots and select "Publish."


If you need to resend the invite to that parent, come back to this page and click the three dots. Then, select "Resend Notification."


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