Creating Staff User Accounts

This article will go over how to create new staff user accounts.

Where to Begin:

After you have logged into Script with your existing account, take a look at the menu on the left-hand side of the page. On that menu, select "Settings."


Now you should see a page displaying your profile. Select "Users" from the list on the left.


Here, you can see all staff users who have been added by an administrator. You can view and sort based on the staff user's name or email address. To add a new staff user, click the "Create User" button in the top right corner.


Adding a New Staff User:

Enter the staff member's name and email, then click "Save."


The next page will display the information you just entered and allow you to edit it, as needed. To configure that user's permissions, select "Security" from the list.


Access Levels:

The following are for Activities and Payments only:

Admin: This access level allows for the creation of fees and activities, the authority to approve or reject activities, and access to the financial details for all activities and payments.

Editor: This access level allows for the creation of activities and the ability to view existing activities and fees.

Viewer: This access level allows for only the viewing of existing activities and fees. By default, this is the level selected for new users.


Additional Access:

Workflow Administrator: Enabling this access level will give the user full access to view, edit, add, and delete all Script Workflows and Forms.  By default, this option is disabled. NOTE: All new users added will have the "My Script" page, allowing them to view steps assigned to them.

Once you are done, select "Save."