Creating Custom Student Groups

To create and use student groups, you'll first need to create your student profiles or upload a student roster. Learn more about those steps here.

Where to Begin:

After you have logged into your Script account, select the "Students" tab on the left.


From the list, select "Groups."


Here, you can see smart groups that have been automatically created if you uploaded a csv of your student roster and any other custom groups you have created. Click "Create Group" in the list to create a custom group.


Smart Groups: Grade level groups based on the information entered when the student profiles were created or uploaded. 

Custom groups: Groups of students made manually, using students from any grade and for any reason.

Name your new group and enter a description that will be clearly understood by other users.


From the new screen, select "Members" from the list.


Then, select "Add Students" to add additional students to this group.


The process of adding students to the custom group is simplified by the auto-complete suggestions. Just start typing a student's name and it will appear on a list to be selected. You can also see the full list to navigate through.


Removing Students:

To remove a student from your new Custom group check the box next to that student's name and select the "Remove Students" button.


Video Tutorial:

The video below will walk you through the process of creating a Custom Group.

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