Generating Financial Reports

Script Administrators may access the Bookkeeping tab at any time to run several reports. 

Where to Begin:

After you have logged into your Script account, select the "Bookkeeping" tab on the left.



This report provides details for each disbursement of monies collected via Script and deposited into your bank. Click the "Deposits" tab at the top to view. Here you can search your deposits and download the csv report of each.


Past Due Report:

This report provides details about each Payment that is outstanding. In addition to the "Product" or name of the payment, the student information, dollar amount, and number of days past due are displayed. Clicking on the name of the payment will take you to the summary page.


Tax Documents:

This page provides relevant 1099K Tax Documents for your records. Simply click "Download" and store, share, or reference them however you need. They will be here if you need to redownload them at any time.


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