Using the Script Inbox

This article will help explain how to interact with and use the Script Inbox to complete all of your assigned steps.

To-Do List: Your Home Page

Inbox 1


Your Dashboard will display the five most recent workflow steps that are awaiting your input in the My Work section

Inbox Dashboard


Your home page, which is the Dashboard page will display at each login and present a real-time overview of the steps that are awaiting your interaction. From here, you review the My Work section, access workflows that have been added to the School Links section, or view your Inbox.

Inbox 3.5


By clicking the View Inbox button, you'll be taken directly into your Inbox

INBOX first

From My Work list on the left, you can view and select any one of the steps assigned to you. You’ll see that you can view both the Form name, your Script username and the specific step which needs your attention. These individual steps are organized in the order by which they were assigned to you. Before going any further, you should note that you can access the Dashboard at any time by clicking the Script logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, at any time.


Navigating the To-Do List


Each individual item in your Inbox displays the Name of the initiator, the specific step name and the name of the workflow in progress


After clicking on a specific item, you’ll find that it presents new information on the right-hand pane. Based on the workflow step assigned to you, you'll find different information displayed in the right-hand pane when you click on a specific item. 

As an approver, you'll find that you can view the form itself by clicking on it. You'll find the step type identified in the center pane.

approver 1


You can approve or deny the step/form by selecting the appropriate button in the upper right-hand corner

Approver 2


You can request changes by clicking the arrow icon at the end of the title

Approver 3


On the right, a view of the form that requires your action is displayed. You can complete the step here. This includes completing fillable fields (for text or numbers), dates, dropdown lists, checkboxes or signature lines - all changes will be saved by selecting the “Submit” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

form preview


Once you’ve selected “Submit,” you’ll be presented the next item on your To-Do List in the order by which it was assigned to you. This process will repeat until you’ve completed each assigned item on your To-Do List.


Beneath the “Your To-Do List,” you’ll find a dropdown menu. From here, you can sort/filter the assigned items by the following criteria:

inbox menu

  • Specific Script (Purchase Order Form)

  • Specific Step (Budget Approval)

  • Step Type (PDF forms, etc.)


This allows you to quickly access and to identify specific workflows/forms or steps which need your attention.

option menu

What if I don’t have a Script account?


Approvals and Denials

If you are assigned an Approval step you’ll find that after receiving the email notification that your action is required, you'll be given a link to the specific workflow and/or step. There, the Approval will be available for your consideration. At this point in your Inbox, you can also review the form itself as well as perform all the available actions as an Approver with a Verified Script account (Approve, Deny, Request Changes, etc.)



Clicking a file attachment (ex. “Security Access Form”) will present the attachment itself in a new tab, inside your current browser session. This will allow you to review the information collected/provided and make a determination.


Processing Approvals in the unverified user Inbox

To approve or deny the request, find the associated buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the associated step.


You will be asked if you’d like to provide detail regarding the denial. This is optional, though once you deny, you will not be able to change your decision.


You will be asked to confirm your decision. Once you approve, you will not be able to change your decision.


Verified, but not logged in

There may be times when you follow a link to complete a step while not presently logged into Script. If that happens, you will be able to complete the specific step at hand but required to log into Script in order to complete any other outstanding steps. This will be identified by the message in the left-hand pane


Creating New Inbox Items

By clicking the plus sign (+) on the bottom of the left-hand menu, you'll be able to access all existing workflows that have previously been made available by either a staff-link or via URL access.



After clicking the Start New Submission Button, you'll find the list of your accounts workflows that are accessible by either of these two methods. From this list, you can choose to "Start New Submission," by clicking the purple button with that label.

Or by clicking on the small envelope icon, an email will launch that will be formatted to include the Form name as the subject line, and will include a link to the form in the body of the email