Managing Payment Methods

How to set up your payment methods, and troubleshoot payment issues

Where to Begin:

The home page of your Script app is the My Tasks List. In order to complete purchases you must first create your payment method.

Log in and select the menu button and select "Payment Methods" from the list.


Select "Add Payment Method."


Then, enter the card details into each of the blank fields and select "Add Card" to complete the process.


To add an additional card, follow this process again. You must assign a default card by selecting one of your cards and clicking "Make Default." To delete a card, select the card and then select "Delete Card."


Video Tutorial:

The video below will walk you through the process of managing your payment methods.


If you are unable to complete your transaction, check the following: 

  • Set a Default Credit Card: You can save multiple payment methods to allow you to change your payment method easily. Ensure that one of your credit cards on file are set as your default payment method. 
  • Credit Card Expired: Be sure that your default credit card is the most up-to-date expiration date in order for your transaction to process.
  • Bank Declined: If you are unaware of a reason your card may be declined, check with your banking institution to make Script an authorized vendor.


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