Uploading a Student Roster and Inviting Parents

We're thrilled to show you two new features which are designed to make the process of entering/updating student rosters and notifying new parents of their Script accounts so much easier! We're proud to walk you through the CSV Student Roster upload feature, and Parent Notify button!

Before we get started - your SIS program will be able to provide all of the necessary information. There are only two significant things to remember: 

1. Your student roster must be in CSV format (not Excel or Numbers files)

2. It must include the following rows:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth

  • Student ID number

  • Grade

  • Parent Email (at least one)

  • School Year

Where to Begin:

After you've logged into Script, select the "Students" tab from the left-hand menu. 


Look for the item labeled "Import Roster" on the list on the left.


From this new screen, you'll be asked two questions: 

1. Does your CSV file contain headers?

If so, check this box so that none of your data is excluded

2. Do you wish to perform a complete or partial upload?

If you wish to add information to an existing roster, leave this unchecked. Otherwise, selecting this box will overwrite all previous data - saving the newly uploaded CSV in its place. You can drag-and-drop you CSV into this box or click inside it to search for the file you'd like to use.


Here, simply match the "File Column" titles to the "Matched Field" titles - using the drop-down list. This step helps ensure that the data you're providing will be uploaded into the correct fields.

Once you're done, select "Preview"


Note: Your CSV may have rows and information neither required nor recorded in Script, such as a parent name, or phone number. For those fields - select the "-" option in Matched Field, and you may continue.

Here, you can see exactly how many student files are going to be uploaded, and which may need your attention first. 

Create: These student files are about to be created

Update: These student files are receiving updated information

Errors: These student files are not going to be uploaded/updated. Selecting the Errors tab will provide an explanation why. A student may not be added because they are without a student ID, email or something similar.


Select "Confirm Import" and you're finished!


Return to the "Students" page and select "Send Parent Invites" from the list on the left.


By selecting this option, you can instantly send the registration/welcome emails to all new parents linked with a student in Script.

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