Understanding Your Purchase History

At any time you can review purchases made through Script. This includes details about Activities (field trips, club meetings, etc.) and Purchases (before/aftercare, tuition, T-Shirts, etc.).


Where to Begin:

After you have logged into your Script account, open the menu and select "My Purchases."


The next screen displays the history of all of the purchases you have made using Script. This will include three types of purchases:

Activities: Field trips, events, club meetings, etc.

One-time Fees: T-Shirts, yearbooks, etc.

Recurring Fees: Before-care, aftercare, club dues, etc.


Tap a specific purchase to be provided more details. Date, location, and cost are displayed. Beneath that information, you'll see the student(s) who were paid for and finally the purchase date, order number, and the total amount paid.


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