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My Tasks List, Activities and Fees

How to access and understand the My Tasks list, Activities and Fees

Types of Items on My List:

After you have logged into your Script account, you will see in My Tasks. This is a complete list of any and all activities, one-time fees, and recurring fees that require your attention, including:


Activities (Rocket Ship Icon): Field trips, events, club meetings, etc. 

One-time Fees (Single Coin Icon): T-Shirts, yearbooks, etc.

Recurring Fees (Multi-Coin Icon): Before-care, after-care, club dues, etc.


1111111All Your Scholars Activities and Fees in One Place

Activities and fees for all of your scholars are displayed in the same list. Underneath the name of the item is a circle with the initials of the scholar to whom the activity or payment applies.  



Activities are events your child has been invited to participate in. Activities may include a form, permission slip, and cost depending on how the school has arranged the activity.

Sign Up Timeframe: The school defines a time range where sign ups can be completed. The item will only appear on your To Do list during that time. After the sign up period, that item is considered expired. If you have a question about an expired item, contact the school for more information.




Click on the activity to see the details and to begin the process of completing the form, permissions slip, or payment

Please note: If an activity sign up expires after you add it to your cart, it will still show in the cart, but you will not be able to complete the transaction. Delete any expired items from your cart in order to proceed with other cart payments.



One-time and recurring fees are costs assessed by the school. The title will indicate what the fee is for. If you have questions about a fee assessed to your student, contact your school for more information. 

The due date will be displayed beneath the name of the item. To see additional information about a fee, click the item to select it. 


Recurring Fees 

If you have a recurring fee assessed to your scholar, each iteration of the payment will appear in a list. The due date is listed beneath the title of the specific payment. To see additional information about the item, including what time period the fee is for, click on the item to select it.


Video Tutorial:

The video below will walk you through the process of accessing and understanding your Script My Tasks list. If you are not able to watch the video right now, feel free to read the article below.


  • My Tasks List is Empty: If you are expecting an activity to be available on your My Tasks list and it does not appear, contact your student's school to ensure that the sign up for the activity has not expired and that your student is listed as eligible to participate. 
  • Displaying the Same Item Multiple Times: Items may appear to be the same, particularly similarly named events for different scholars, recurring items covering different time periods, or recurring events with different due dates. You can differentiate by noting the initials of the invited scholar beneath the name of the event, the due date listed beneath the name of each item, or clicking on the item to view its details, which may include other varying details. 

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